Extreme Air Park LANGLEY

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THIS IS THE TIME OF YOUR JUMP. To hold your space all jumpers are required to be on location 20 minutes prior for waivers and sign in
If you would like to reserve a time after hours please contact us

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Thanks for taking the time to fill out your event information. We will call you within 12 hours to answer all your questions and review your event.
At that time we will require a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-CANCELLABLE payment for your event, to process the booking. NO RESERVATION WILL BE COMPLETED, PROCESSED, OR HELD, WITHOUT THIS PAYMENT. You are welcome to come in person and take care of this, or do it over the phone.
***IMPORTANT*** Once this payment is made, the space and time you paid on will belong to you - without change, reduction, or cancellation(regardless of reason). If you show up with less, or if some in your party cancel, you will still be charged for the space you purchased. You are always welcome to book/purchase for less and add to the booking later, HOWEVER, space is limited and adding to the booking is only possible if space is still available when you decide to increase the booking size.
Finally, as stipulate when you chose your booking time, it is very important that your group is on site at least 20 minutes prior to your jump time, as it takes some time to register.

I agree with and understand the Notice Of Booking Policy:

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